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Your Role
Job title:  MSc and PhD Graduate Training in 4R Nitrogen Management and Reduction in Nitrous Oxide Emissions
Qualifications: (detailed)  
Excellent oral & written English and have completed a 4-year equivalent BSc in the agricultural or natural sciences, or engineering. Experience in plant pathology or production agriculture an asset.
Duties and responsibilities: 
Development of research proposal, establish field sites, conduct field monitoring, laboratory analysis, data analysis, thesis writing, course work, extension activities, and conference participation

Skills and benefits to be gained from this position: 
Stipend is $18,500/yr for two years to MSc students and $21,000/yr for four years to PhD students. Students who already have scholarships are encouraged to apply as a salary is available to them. The training is funded by several government and industry sources to projects lead by the Applied Soil Ecology Laboratory.
How to Apply
Deadline:  2019-01-01 Open until filled
University level:  Undergraduate, Graduate
Application method:  email
Required application materials: 
        -   Resume
        -   Cover letter
        -   Transcript
        -   A statement indicating the school, program and year
            that you are currently enrolled in.
References:  3  (list of referees agreed to be contacted)
Notification process: 
Decision expected: 
The Project
Project title:  4R Nitrogen Management and Reduction in Nitrous Oxide Emissions
Project description: 
The laboratory for Applied Soil Ecology at the University of Manitoba (; Twitter @soilecologyUMan) is seeking highly motivated and talented candidates for training leading to MSc or PhD degrees. Students will undertake graduate research examining 4R Nitrogen Fertilizer Management (right source, rate, timing and placement) on canola or grain corn agronomy and N use efficiency or emissions of the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O). Treatments examined include the range of currently available enhanced efficiency N fertilizers as well as products under development as well as in-crop N application practices including developing passive and/or active spectral sensor approaches to optimize N application rates.
Researcher/Supervisor:  Professor Mario Tenuta
Faculty:  Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Dept/School:  Soil Science
Phone:  204-474-7827
Job Terms
Number of jobs:  2
Job dates:  2018-09-01 to [tbd]
Graduate programs to start Sept 2018 and 2019
Hours per week:  40
Salary:  18,500 in MSc, 21,000 in PhD

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